Jun 17, 2013

News: McDonald's - BOGO Quarter Pounders June 18 - 20

McDonald's entices you to try their three new Quarter Pounder burgers by offering a "buy-one-get-one-free" offer on Quarter Pounders starting tomorrow, Tuesday June 18, and running until Thursday, June 20, at participating locations.

The new Quarter Pounders or "Quarter Pounder Toppers" are the latest addition to the menu and are largely a replacement for the underselling, and now discontinued, Angus Pound Pounders. Two of the new burgers, the Bacon and Cheese and the Deluxe, are basically copies of their slightly larger predecessors, while the Bacon Habanero Ranch is a new spicy option at McDonald's.


  1. I am so there. I love the Bacon Habanero but now I can enjoy one with a Bacon Deluxe for a good price. McDonald's is once again showing why they're the hardest for any franchise to compete with. This is going to be a good summer for McDonald's lovers with this deal and with the new Dollar Menu items coming out.

  2. I tried the Bacon and Cheese one today, and it just tasted like an inferior clone of the Angus version (which was my favorite burger at McDonald's). Too bad they don't offer Bacon and Cheese as an option for the Double Quarter Pounder, as that could probably be a worthy successor to the Angus version.

    But this deal doesn't seem that bad. It definitely gives me an excuse to try out the Habanero Ranch one, especially since I can still fall back on the Bacon and Cheese one if I end up not liking it.

  3. Most beef in the US is Angus anyway, you know. It's the second most common breed after Holstein and Holsteins are dairy cattle. So, your McDonald's burger is still mostly Angus, seeing as McDonald's still mostly buys American beef.

    Marketing, etc.

  4. The beef itself actually doesn't have much to do with it (as far as I'm concerned, anyway). I just liked the Bacon and Cheese Angus better because it was bigger (third pounder vs. quarter pounder) and I liked the old bacon more (most people keep saying they like the new bacon, but it just seems subpar to me).

    That's why I said I wish they had a Bacon and Cheese version of a Double Quarter Pounder. It wouldn't fix the bacon issue, but at least it'd offer the same amount of meat (well, more really) as the Angus version had.

  5. Is this limited to one person? So I can't buy a Bacon Habenero Ranch and a Bacon and Cheese and expect to get 4 burgers?

  6. Hard to say. I would just ask when you order. None of their ads on the offer say "limit one," but it's also "at participating locations" so a franchisee probably has the discretion to limit it. But yeah, I would just ask when you order.


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