Jun 18, 2013

Around the World: KFC Hong Kong - New Bucket Rice

While KFC is known for their iconic bucket of chicken, it looks like they're trying something else in a bucket over in Hong Kong: rice. Not just any rice though, but specifically Chicken a la King... in a mini bucket. They're calling it Bucket Rice and it's part of KFC Hong Kong's "Streetwise" value menu.

Inside the mini bucket, there's sliced fried chicken and mixed vegetables (corns, carrots, and peas) in a creamy sauce over rice. The price isn't bad at all at $20 HK (~$2.85 US).

And if you're wondering why KFC doesn't offer a bucket of fries (or why they don't offer fries at all here in the US), you might find this interesting:

It's a bucket of fries that was offered for a limited time at KFC restaurants in Pakistan.

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  1. Being from the States, I miss having the mashed potatoes with gravy at KFC. In Canada, instead of mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and biscuits, they have fries and poutine, which is still fries.


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