Jun 30, 2013

Around the World: Burger King Singapore - Rendang Burger

In a localized twist, Burger King Singapore combines their burgers and crispy chicken sandwiches with rendang for new, limited-time Rendang Burgers.

Rendang is a meat-based sauce made with coconut and a paste of ground spices.

To promote the local angle, the promotional tagline for the burger is "The Taste of Singapore."

Available in both chicken and beef versions, the BK Singles Rendang features a beef patty covered in rendang sauce and diced onions on a sesame bun, while the BK Rendang Chick 'N Crisp features the same but with a crispy chicken patty instead of beef plus mayo.

There's a promotional price for either burger with medium fries and a 16-ounce drink for $4.95 SG (~$3.91 US).

It looks like rendang is becoming a bit of a fast food trend to the region; Wendy's also introduced a rendang chicken dish over in Malaysia this year.

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  1. i love Burger King Mcdonald's Suck. i love bk better all my Life and i Still love the Great Oreo Sundaes they make.


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