Jun 30, 2013

News: Panda Express Looks to Fans to Choose White or Brown Fried Rice

Due to mixed response regarding their change from white rice to brown rice as the base for their fried rice, Panda Express looks to customers to decide whether Classic (white) Fried Rice or new Brown Fried Rice will remain on the menu come September.

Here's how it'll work:

From July 3 through August 31, Panda Express will offer both Classic Fried Rice and Brown Fried Rice on the menu. The one that sells better during that period will remain on the menu, while the other will be discontinued.

Basically each purchase of either fried rice will count as a "vote" for that rice to stay. So if you want Classic Fried Rice to stay on the menu, trying Brown Fried Rice during the voting period would not be in your best interests (and vice versa).

Regardless of the outcome, Panda Express will continue to offer steamed white rice and steamed brown rice as options.


  1. I haven't had Panda Express in years. I miss it though but their fried rice was always rather dry. So if this new brown rice is moist, I look forward to trying it, just in case it loses.

  2. If Panda doesn't end up leaving both on their menu to allow customers to decide for themselves each time they eat at Panda I'll be surprised.

  3. The brown fried rice is dry, drier than the old "white" fried rice ever was.


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