Jun 9, 2013

Review: Panera Bread - Peanut Butter Dream Cookie

Panera Bread's Peanut Butter Dream Cookie is a peanut butter cookie featuring all-natural peanut butter, toffee with almonds, and peanut butter-flavored chips.

It's $1.69 per cookie in my area.

For the most part, the Peanut Butter Dream tastes like a relatively fresh-baked peanut butter cookie and isn't quite a decadent as the name might suggest. The addition of toffee and peanut butter chips are more subtle than overt.

The toffee was more like melted caramel than hard, buttery toffee, while very similar, the effect is a little different. There's more of a liquid-y sweetness rather than the extra butter notes of toffee.

The almonds in the toffee more or less blended in with the peanuts in the cookie, although neither were numerous.

I didn't notice the peanut butter chips too much. They're more of a complementary cookie element that adds more sweetness and peanuts.

Overall, Panera Bread's Peanut Butter Dream Cookie feels more like "peanut butter plus" than a dream. It's a good cookie with a lot of peanut butter flavor, but the addition of toffee and peanut butter chips make it just a tad sweeter than I prefer.

Nutritional Info - Panera Bread Peanut Butter Dream- 3.5 oz (97g)
Calories - 470 (from Fat - 230)
Fat - 25g (Saturated Fat - 10g)
Sodium - 200mg
Carbs - 55g (Sugar - 35g)
Protein - 8g

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