Jun 4, 2013

News: Red Robin - New Can-Crafted Cocktails

With an interesting concept, Red Robin is expanding beyond beer milkshakes this summer with two new "Can-Crafted" beer cocktails, each served in an exclusive, limited-edition, reusable beer can.

The cans were developed over the last year and are made with a sturdier aluminum than you'd find in a regular beer can, while retaining the same look and feel minus the top.

The two new cocktails are:

- The Coors Light Can-Crafted Cocktail, which is mix of Coors Light beer, ginger liqueur, and lemonade topped with fresh-squeezed lemon.

- The Blue Moon Can-Crafted Cocktail features Blue Moon Belgian White Beer, Svedka Clementine vodka, orange juice, and fresh lime juice.

The beer cocktails will be served through the summer, and the signature beer cans will be available to purchase for $5 at participating locations, while supplies last.


  1. Is it safe to assume that the consumer of these beer cocktails gets to keed the aluminum can?

  2. I'm pretty sure yeah. They tend to do keepsake glasses as well.

  3. The can may be purchased for an additional $5. You do not get to keep it with just the purchase of the cocktail.

  4. unless you're wearing cargo shorts...

  5. No you do not get to keep the can/glass.... they wouldn't even sell them (inpgh)


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