Jun 12, 2013

Around the World: Domino's India - Indian Tacos

Behold... Domino's India's Taco Indiana! It's basically an Indian taco but could also be considered a semi-calzone.

I'm not sure about the "Indiana" portion of the name, but I'm pretty sure it has more to do with India (I think it's another way of saying "Indian") proper rather than the state of Indiana.

First introduced late last year, the Taco Indiana comes in two varieties: Veg (short for "vegetarian") and Chicken. The crust appears to be a crispy parathaa type of layered flatbread which originates from South Asia, but is also popular in parts of South East Asia, rather than standard pizza crust. For a pizza-like touch, it is sprinkled with oregano.

Inside the folded crust, there's a cheesy layer and either "spicy veg stuffings" or "seasoned, minced chicken."

The price ranges from 89 to 99 rupees each (~$1.53 to $1.70 US).

Here's a commercial that shows how the Taco Indiana is made:

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