Jun 19, 2013

Around the World: Krispy Kreme Japan - Limited Edition Matcha Red Bean Donut

Embracing the Japanese love of limited-time items, Krispy Kreme Japan offers the exclusive limited-edition Matcha Red Bean Donut, which is available at all of one Krispy Kreme location in Japan.

The donut features a Krispy Kreme Glazed Original Donut split in two, filled with matcha green tea cream and sweet red beans, and dusted with matcha green tea powder. It's only available through July 9th at the JR Takashimaya Krispy Kreme store in Nagoya.

According to RocketNews24, the Matcha Red Bean Donut was created in collaboration with a famous Japanese confectionery in Nagoya, Kikuzato Shogetsu. Sweetened red beans in whole or paste form is quite a popular ingredient in traditional Japanese desserts; to a lesser extent, so is green tea.

The donuts go for 300 yen each (~$3.09 US) Only 100 Matcha Red Bean Donuts will be made each day and there is a purchase limit of two per customer.

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