Jun 10, 2013

News: Taco Bell Tests Pork Carnitas Option for Cantina Bell Menu

Photo Credit: Anonymous
Taco Bell is trying out a pork carnitas option for their Cantina Bowls at a few locations in Southern California.

The test item features carnitas, Latin rice, black beans, a new spicy "green chili crema," and cheddar cheese that is steamed so that it melts, and then topped with sour cream, pico de gallo, corn salsa.

While the chain has tried carnitas on the menu before as a limited-time offer, the new carnitas sport the more orange hue of Taco Bell's seasoned beef and their fiery chicken test.

If it makes it out of testing, you can probably find the carnitas version of the Cantina Bowl at a price in line with the other Cantina Bowls at around $4.99, but they only cost $2.99 at test locations (a common practice to encourage sampling since they don't advertise such a small test).


  1. Looks like poo.

  2. It's actually SO good and is 100 times better than the other cantina bowls.


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