Jun 17, 2013

Review: Jack in the Box - Jack's Big Stack Burger

Jack's Big Stack Burger - side view
Jack in the Box's Jack's Big Stack burger is stacked with two jumbo beef patties, American cheese, pickle slices, onion rings, mustard, and mayo onion sauce on toasted sourdough.

My local Jack in the Box offers them at $4.49 a piece. They also have a coupon on the Jack in the Box website for $1 off that doesn't expire until the end of July.

The beef patties sport a nice bit of browning and add a lot of meaty texture and taste to the burger. I could actually see the pepper on the patties.

The cheese was nicely melted and provided a lighter than expected flavor. I would have liked more of it, like they had on the Hot Mess Burger.

The onion rings were pretty crunchy and had a delicate sweet onion flavor.

The head scratcher for me here was the long-sliced deli-style pickles and mustard, which is a combination I tend to associate with Cuban sandwiches. It tends to pair better with cured meats like ham or pastrami. Against lightly seasoned beef (even with the double patties), it was overpowering and delivered a little too much tanginess for my liking. I couldn't taste the mayo much as it struggled against the pickles and mustard.

Jack's toasted sourdough is a favorite of mine. The crumb is always moist and buttery, while the crust maintains a thin crispy shell. On this occasion, the bread was even toastier than usual, which was real nice and the high point of the burger.

Overall, Jack's Big Stack was a little disappointing for me. I was looking forward to the beef, cheese, and onion ring combo, but the sharp tang of the pickles and mustard ruined it for me. I think I'd prefer it plain without mustard or pickles than the way it's served. It's very filling though.

Nutritional Info - Jack in the Box Jack's Big Stack
Calories - 925 (from Fat - 546)
Fat - 61g (Saturated Fat - 22g)
Sodium - 2086mg
Carbs - 46g (Sugar - 6g)
Protein - 49g


  1. Jack in the Box:
    Take away the pickles, mustard and mayo; and add bacon + BBQ sauce and this burger would be great :D

  2. The one I tried was dry and mealy. Not very tasty at all. This should've been a great burger by ingredients alone, but it fails in execution every time. Come on Jack!

  3. It's weird but when they switched to "seasoning as they cook" or whatever the marketing campaign was, I found their burgers to go from decent to way too peppery.. so maybe I'd like the pickles and mustard on this. There's nothing wrong with bacon and BBQ sauce as an option too though.

  4. That's pretty much the Carl's Jr. Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger. Which makes me think I want to get one of those instead...

  5. I've pretty much stopped eating their burgers because of how peppery they are. On a whim, I tried this one. Between the pickles and thick mustard layer, I could only taste the over peppering in a couple of bites. I'd order this again.

  6. I love this one. I never get mayo on anything, so with the tang of the mustard and the pickle, it creates a very distinct flavor which is nothing like the bacon ridden greasy versions of the same burger that you'll find at other fast food joints. I appreciate it for its crunch, it's tang and it's lasting seasoned hardiness that you get from the patty, onion ring, and cheese combo.

  7. I tried Jack's Big Stack and it tasted great! However, I was still disappointed.
    Not sure if I should just be a sheeple and just accept what I am given, but the
    Big Stack I got didn't look anything like the pictures of it you see everywhere.
    The beef patties were NOT BIGGER than the grilled sourdough bun, and
    the onion rings were so small, I had to life the bun just to see them.
    Did I not get Jumbo Patties on mine? Or is this just what they really look like?

    Would love to hear others thoughts on my post.

    PS. The Big Stack I got looked small compared to the picture the reviewer shows on this page. (Sigh!)

  8. u people are stupid. u do realize people have died from the food

  9. Mr. Know-it-all here has apparently never heard of exercise and balanced diet.


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