Jun 15, 2013

Local Review: Grill 'Em All - Primate Fries

Grill 'Em All's Primate Fries are their take on In-N-Out's Animal Fries. The key differences are shredded cheddar cheese instead of American cheese and the fries themselves. The grilled onions and Thousand Island dressing remain the same.

An order costs $5.

I like the choice of the cheddar over American cheese. It's sharper and delivers more flavor; it doesn't melt as well though.

The onions didn't quite have the char that In-N-Out does, but added a pleasing sweetness. Combining with the creamy, tangy, and slightly sweet Thousand Island sauce, the flavor complement the fries nicely without overwhelming.

The fries were cut to a medium thickness and about the same size as crinkle-cut fries. They don't sport that delicate crispy shell of great Belgian fries, but they had the odd edges of crispiness. The medium cut allowed a good amount of potato flavor to come through and retained more moisture inside.

The combination of flavors is probably not my favorite, but Grill 'Em All works it pretty well and their Primate Fries are ideal for fans of In-N-Out's Animal Fries who are looking for more potato taste in the dish.

Grill 'Em All
19 East Main Street
Alhambra, CA
(626) 284-2874

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  1. Looks delicious.


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