Jun 5, 2013

Around the World: Domino's UK Tests Flying Delivery

Domino's UK is testing the DomiCopter, a remote-controlled aircraft that can carry and deliver pizza without having to deal with mundane things like traffic and stop signs.

While it's more a marketing/publicity stunt than anything, the idea is a cool (if impractical) concept that appeals to one's inner geek.

Well, until you think about one of these falling out of the sky or possibly injuring someone during delivery via one of its many propeller blades. Not to mention privacy and aerospace regulations.

You can check out the DomiCopter on its test delivery run below:


  1. I can already see people trying to shoot the thing down...

  2. Something like this might be cool if you were rich and lived on an island

  3. Haha, I wonder what the range is on one of these things.


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