Oct 25, 2013

News: 7-Eleven - New Diablo Chicken Ranch Sandwich

7-Eleven continues their efforts to expand their fancier foods selection and chase two food trends in one go with the new Diablo Chicken Ranch Sandwich.

It comes with on a chewy pretzel roll and with a sriracha ranch sauce. The rest of the sandwich is pretty standard: sliced chicken, cheese, and lettuce. You can expect to find it for around $5.

They also have new Caramel Apple Mini Donuts (surprise! the other fall flavor). The mini donuts are filled with a cinnamon apple filling and covered with caramel icing. Pricing stands at three for $1.29.

For breakfast, there's the new French Toast Sausage Roller for $1 each. Each Roller features sweet syrup and a savory sausage rolled in a flaky crust.

7-Eleven is also offering large triple cheese or pepperoni pizzas for $5.55 each. The pizzas are baked/reheated to order and ready to go in about 90 seconds.

As usual with a franchise system, the new items are available at participating 7-Eleven stores and prices may vary.

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