Oct 12, 2013

News: TGI Friday's - New Stacked Burgers

TGI Fridays recently introduced a new burger menu that includes a trio of new "Stacked Burgers," which each come with two never frozen USDA Choice beef burger patties and fresh-baked, brioche-style buns.

The three new burgers are the All-American Stacked Burger, Philly Stacked Burger, and Bleu Cheese Stacked Burger.

All Stacked Burgers come with the aforementioned patties and buns plus iceberg lettuce, vine-ripened tomato, pickles, and onion and are served with seasoned fries on the side.

In addition, the All-American features melted sharp cheddar cheese, house-made onion bacon jam, Asiago and Parmesan spread, Thousand Island dressing, and peppered bacon.

The Philly adds braised shredded beef, mozzarella, Asiago, and Parmesan cheeses, roasted cremini mushrooms, spicy giardiniera, green onions, Swiss cheese, horseradish spread, onion bacon jam, and peppered bacon.

The Bleu Cheese also includes melted bleu cheese, burger patties crusted with bleu cheese, roasted cremini mushrooms, balsamic vinegar, green onions, roasted garlic rosemary aioli, and peppered bacon.

Here's a short commercial for the new Stacked Burgers:

Nutritional Info - TGI Friday's All-American Stacked Burger
Calories - 1460 (from Fat - 930)
Fat - 103g (Saturated Fat - 35g)
Sodium - 4030mg
Carbs - 75g
Protein - 53g

Nutritional Info - TGI Friday's Philly Stacked Burger
Calories - 1470 (from Fat - 930)
Fat - 103g (Saturated Fat - 34g)
Sodium - 3310mg
Carbs - 75g 
Protein - 55g

Nutritional Info - TGI Friday's Bleu Cheese Stacked Burger
Calories - 1460 (from Fat - 950)
Fat - 105g (Saturated Fat - 34g)
Sodium - 4220mg
Carbs - 79g 
Protein - 53g


  1. Should be named Fridays new stacked heart attack burgers !!!

  2. Looks pretty healthy

  3. I tried the Philly Stacked burger...I would not recommend it.

    I chose it because on the menu it listed 4-5 ingredients that I thought looked exotic and tasty (Dragon Sauce, onion bacon jam, cremini mushrooms) But honestly none of these flavors stood out. There were so many things, that it blended together into indecipherable burger mush, indistinguishable from just a regular burger.


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