Oct 15, 2013

Review: Papa John's - Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie

Papa John's Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie is a 8-inch, family-sized cookie 'pizza' cut into 8 slices for sharing.

I picked one up for $5.

While it may be a mega-sized cookie, it's more of a mini-sized cookie pizza and comes in just slightly larger than a personal pizza. Each slice is the equivalent of a standard-sized chocolate chip cookie so it comes out to two cookies per person for a family of four, which sounds about right as far as servings go.

The Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie is very similar to a Pizookie from BJ's Brewhouse and similar offerings at some other casual dining restaurants. It's baked to order and was piping hot with a nice, crispy surface crust throughout.

Like a pizza, the edges are more cooked through and crispy while the center is moist and almost gummy (but not raw). The cookie was a little bit on the greasy side.

There were plenty of milk chocolate chips and they melted really well. With all the chocolate chips, the Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie falls on the 'too sweet' side of things. I would suggest eating these with milk or ice cream.
Overall, Papa John's Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie was pretty good if a little sweet. It tasted a lot like pre-made Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chips cookies right out of the oven. The $5 price point hardly seems a bargain though since you can get three cookies from McDonald's or Subway for around $1 (and most Subway stores will toast them up for the same fresh-baked feel).

Nutritional Info - Papa John's Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie
Seving Size - 1 slice (39g)
Calories - 195 (from Fat - 80)
Fat - 9g (Saturated Fat - 4.5g)
Sodium - 105mg
Carbs - 26g (Sugar - 17g)
Protein - 2g


  1. 195 x 8 = 1560 mostly empty calories.. okay now I'm legitimately impressed with that woman who claims she eats it all in one sitting. Kobiyashi got challengers.

  2. but it looks soooooooo good!

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. Now I totally want one of these. Greasy gumminess and all! There's no such thing as too sweet in my book!

  4. It'd be nice if these came with frosting like most cookie cakes.

    They frost the cinnapie so it's on hand already.

  5. 3 things. 1st, I was talking about a female. 1560 calories is closer to 75% of what an average female should be consuming in a day. 2nd, 1500 calories is 60% of what an average male should be consuming in a day. Pretty simple math. 3rd these are very empty calories loaded with sugar and I was obviously joking. Okay 4 things. My bad.

  6. I thought this was pretty good as well, and for the size $5 isn't too bad. That's their coupon price though, without it they're $6. I think I'd probably pick one up again if I was using a 25% or 50% off menu items coupon in the order and split it with the family.

  7. I guess you make some sense.. I eat 75% of my calories at once probably never. Maybe I'm the crazy one. I used to do that until I was "about" 25 years old, but these days eating that much tends to make me sick, so it's rarely worth it. I guess buffets weren't meant for people like me lol.

  8. Bro, an empty calorie means there are no nutritional benefits aka the food has little, if any, micronutrients.

  9. I has this on Saturday, and I really enjoyed it. I had a small gathering, and I used a coupon I had for 2 large, 3 topping pizzas, and a cookie pie. Best decision I've made when it comes Papa Johns.

  10. you are obviously very misinformed or ignorant to basic nutrition. 1500 isn't half of what you need unless you are at least a semi pro athlete, and 1500 at one setting is idiotic. you are either fat or young if you think/eat this way.

  11. by your theory you can eat 3000 calories of pure sugar and be fine since it is alloted by calories lol...i guess u never heard of glucose levels or diabetes lmao


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