Oct 14, 2013

Review: Red Robin - Oktoberfest Burger

Red Robin's Oktoberfest Burger is a seasonal burger they offer around this time of year and features a flame-grilled 1/3 lb. burger patty, Black Forest ham, Swiss cheese, beer mustard, sauteed onions, and lettuce on a toasted pretzel bun.

I ordered the burger for $9.99. It comes with an order of bottomless steak fries (you can also swap out the fries for bottomless broccoli, side salad, or coleslaw without an additional charge).

The pretzel bun was pretty soft and relatively fresh. It reminded me a little of a slightly bigger Wendy's bun. I like the dense texture.

The Black Forest ham didn't quite fit for me. It adds salt and there was plenty of it, but I wouldn't typically go with it in any burger. I understand that Black Forest ham is a German staple but not with pretzels and beer I don't think. I think sausage would have been a better fit if we're talking Oktoberfest (like the Nuremburger!)

The beer mustard came with a pretty strong tang and a distinct beer flavor. It goes with the ham decently. But you know what it would have been better with? That's right! Sausage!

I think I would have liked fresh onions over the caramelized onions here. They would have certainly added a welcomed crisp texture and bite. The caramelized onions delivered a nice sweetness but the texture is too similar to the thinly-sliced ham.

The Swiss cheese was nicely melted and added a creamy flavor.

Red Robin will cook their burger patties only from medium to well done. I asked for "medium" but my burger was probably closer to "medium well." It had a decently course grind, was relatively moist, and had a beautifully charred crust on it. I really liked the burger patty.

The single leaf of lettuce was a "why bother?" to me. Maybe for color?

Overall, Red Robin's Oktoberfest Burger didn't quite work for me. I could see where they were going with it but I wasn't impressed by the destination I arrived at. The base was good but some of the Oktoberfest touches just didn't mesh.

Nutritional info not available.


  1. Lol especially the typical cold, hard bland broccoli you get at restaurants.. maybe if it was cooked well with butter and salt. Over fries though? Yeah still probably not a choice I'd ever consider.

  2. What's the point of getting broccoli if its cooked in butter and salt?!?

  3. Haha I love broccoli. That was the most appealing thing about this offer!

  4. I see your point.. but my answer would be because I think it's delicious that way. That's how I grew up eating most vegetables. I'm not saying it needs tons of butter or salt, a little goes a long way, but I've just never really liked the broccoli most restaurants serve. It's not disgusting, I still eat it if it's part of the meal.. but choosing it over fries at a place like Red Robin seems odd to me. Clucks and fries all the way lol.

  5. Actually black forest ham like that is a purely American thing.
    Real Schwarzwälder Schinken would be cut as thin as prosciutto for the same reason. It simply would not be tolerable that thick. It is very dry and has a pronounces smoke flavour. The wikipedia article covers it quite well.

    Since Red Robin does not trust the quality of its meat enough to offer it my preferred level of doneness I do not eat there. If it has to be cooked all the way I am not going to pay those prices for it.

  6. I gave you a thumbs up for being a properly pretentious protozoan.

  7. That was my first thought when reading this post. I was like "Bottomless broccoli?" Is someone really going to order that AND be like "Yeah, keep it comin'!"

  8. It is pretentious to talk about a normal meat? This stuff is the most popular ham in the EU. It is normal sandwich type stuff. The american stuff is great, but totally different.

    Have you see what Germans think american pizza is? Is it pretentious when I don't eat that while I am there?


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