Oct 3, 2013

Review: Jack in the Box - Brunch Burger Munchie Meal

Jack in the Box's Brunch Burger Munchie Meal is only available after 9pm until 5am and features a croissant filled with a burger patty, a fried egg, hash brown, cheese, bacon, and mayo. The Brunch Burger is accompanied by two Tacos, Halfsie fries, and a 20-ounce drink.

The Brunch Burger is available a la carte for $4 each or for $6 as part of a Munchie Meal.

The whole thing comes in a box that you wouldn't think would fit everything but it does. The fries are just placed directly in the box and weren't that fresh on this occasion, but were decent enough.

With the burger alone coming in at $4, the extra $2 for the meal nets you an order of fries ($1 to $2), two Tacos ($1), and a drink ($1 to $2).

There's a "Spin the Taco" game on the underside of the box lid to help keep you entertained while eating:

The Brunch Burger is more or less a standard breakfast croissant sandwich with the addition of a beef patty, a hash brown, and mayo, which is pretty much as awesome as it sounds.

Notably, the beef patty played quite prominently in the sandwich and lent a beefiness to every bite that's sometimes missing from your standard fast food burger. The absence of mustard and/or ketchup seemed to help the beef better express itself in the sandwich. There was mayo however, but it was fairly light.

The hash brown was the inexplicably missing piece of any breakfast sandwich. Somehow, it's found often enough in breakfast burritos but is largely neglected when it comes to sandwiches. The fried shredded potatoes add extra flavor and a bit of crispiness.

The bacon was crisp, smoky, and flavorful, while the slightly-crispy, fried egg served as a buffer against the saltier ingredients. The cheese was nicely melted, which I've notice is more the case in breakfast sandwiches than in hamburgers.

The croissant was pretty greasy but had a decent flaky butteriness.

Overall, I enjoyed Jack in the Box's Brunch Burger very much. The various breakfast ingredients fit together really well and the addition of a hash brown has convinced me that it should, at the very least, be an option on any breakfast sandwich.

For whatever reason, the nutritional information for the Brunch Burger is only listed on the Jack in the Box website for the whole Munchie Meal rather than just the sandwich but here it is:

Nutritional Info - Jack in the Box Brunch Burger Munchie Meal (not including drink)
Calories - 1708 (from Fat - 951)
Fat - 106g (Saturated Fat - 29g)
Sodium - 2993mg
Carbs - 135g (Sugar - 9g)
Protein - 54g


  1. I'd love to try it, but I don't eat (let alone eat giant heavy fast food meals) during those hours!

  2. The commercials for this are pretty cool, but I wish they would have brought back the stoner dude in the 70s van who orders 99 tacos for 2 cents.

  3. I got this a couple of weeks ago and really liked the breakfast burger. Still not crazy for their tacos. Wish they had an option to switch it out for something else.

  4. I think I would've died if I ate that much fat in 1 sitting

  5. I was staring at the Taco Bell Purple box and try to figure out how or why Taco Bell was serving burgers. Jack in the Box needs to stick to it's red based packaging.

  6. I live in the area they tested these and I'm regularly out until 3am, so I've tried all of these. Sue me. The brunch burger is definitely the best option. The grilled cheeseburger isn't bad.

  7. Used to love this site, but goddamn, those ads popping up on every single picture are annoying, and I can't read the site for more than half a minute now.

  8. Only after 9 pm!? What a bummer!

  9. Unfortunately, those ads help to keep the site running. Rates on the normal display ads (top/side) are declining and the picture ads seem to be the least offensive of the new type of ads and help make up the decline.

  10. I gotta say, I think the ads on this site are pretty tame.. this site runs much better for me than another popular food blog out there.

  11. Ads? I don't see no ads! Oh wait, I'm using Adblock Plus!

  12. Why don't you just post the link so we can all pretend we care enough to buy it ;)

  13. Just split one with my wife the other night.. we both liked it but thought the burger patty was unnecessary. I get that's a big part of the gimmick, and it's nice for a couple bites, but to me it kind of distracts from all the other great breakfast flavors. We ended up giving half if not more of that patty to our dogs. Other than that it was typical Jack.. greasy and pretty tasty. The hash browns were an especially nice touch.. nothing against pretzel buns but I hope that's the next fad, potatoes in sandwiches a la BK fry burgers, Promanti's or whatever it's called, etc. Regarding Jack's breakfast, in the future I'll probably stick with supreme croissants.. but maybe I'll buy some hash browns on the side and just add them in myself :)


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