Oct 28, 2013

Review: Sonic - Cheesecake Bites

Sonic's Cheesecake Bites are a limited-time dessert that they trot out now and again. Each piece is made with a bite-sized piece of cheesecake rolled in graham cracker crust and deep-fried. Strawberry sauce comes on the side for dipping.

An order of three was $1.99 but I received it courtesy of Sonic.

The crust on these remind me of the batter on the jalapeno poppers from Jack in the Box, only sweet rather than savory. The graham cracker layer was fairly thick and decently crunchy.

Inside is a soft, warm layer of creamy cheesecake. The strawberry sauce, which was sweet and tart, tops off the whole cheesecake experience. 

Warm cheesecake is probably not ideal; it would have been nice if they managed to keep it cold inside but still crunchy without, like some places do with tempura or deep fried ice cream. Still, the flavor and crunch were pretty nice.

Overall, Sonic's Cheesecake Bites were enjoyable if a bit weird with warm cheesecake. There's a bit of a county fair food vibe to them with the whole coat and deep-fry aspect.

Nutritional Info - Sonic Cheesecake Bites - 3 piece with Strawberry Dipping Sauce (145g)
Calories - 500 (from Fat - 210)
Fat - 23g (Saturated Fat - 10g)
Sodium - 610mg
Carbs - 66g (Sugar - 27g)
Protein - 7g


  1. I can think of many better ways to eat 500 calories. Interesting idea though.

  2. who can stop at just 3 pieces....:)

  3. I love these things, but they're completely overpriced. And I wish they kept them around permanently, cause Sonic could use a good non-ice cream related dessert on their menu. The high cost and limited availability make it so that I rarely get these.

  4. 500 calories? Eek...reminds me of the cheesecake bites at Buffalo Wild Wings.


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