Oct 13, 2013

Around the World: Taco Bell's Fiesta Platters Survive in the Philippines

If you miss the Fiesta Platters that Taco Bell used to offer a few years back, you might be interested in knowing that you can still find them over in the Philippines albeit in a slightly more localized form.

Taco Bell Philippine's Fiesta Platters come in three configurations, each featuring a different entree and side but having a bed of "Fiesta Rice," "Fiesta Salsa Salad," and a 12-ounce drink in common. The Fiesta Salad looks like shredded lettuce with salsa on top.

The details are a bit sparse, but here's how the meals differ:

"Meal A" comes with Chunky BBQ Pork, which appears to be shredded and braised barbecue pork, and comes with churros on the side with a chocolaty dip.

"Meal B" features Chili Beef (apparently, they accidentally used the same picture as the seasoned beef in the promo picture; see the second picture below), which looks like just a beef chili. On the side are tortilla chips and cheese dip.

"Meal C" looks like Taco Bell's signature seasoned ground beef and has Fiesta Potato Bites with cheese sauce on the side (My bet is that this one tastes the most like Taco Bell food here in the US).

The Fiesta Platters go for 139 Philippine Pesos ($3.22 US) per plate.

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