Oct 12, 2013

News: Mountain Dew Game Fuel Returns with a New Flavor

Mountain Dew is once again aiming at gamers with the latest addition of two flavors of Mountain Dew Game Fuel sodas to cross-promote the upcoming launch of Microsoft's Xbox One in November. They've brought back Citrus Cherry and introduced new Electrifying Berry.

Citrus Cherry has been likened to cherry soda with an added burst of citrus.

Electrifying Berry seems to be a strawberry goji flavor mixed with the citrus flavor of Mountain Dew.

Both flavors are available for a limited time only.

Sister brand Doritos is getting in on the act with a new gamer-targeted packaging that they're calling the "Doritos Gamer Pack." It's basically a box that has a wide-opening re-sealable top similar to what you find with Oreos and Chips Ahoy cookies nowadays. The idea is you can easily get at your Doritos without doing something time-consuming like putting them in a bowl, which would interrupt your video game playing time (by all of 15 seconds). The new Doritos Gamer Pack is only available for a limited time and is exclusive to Walmart.

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