Oct 25, 2013

News: Sonic - 50 Cent Corn Dogs on Halloween

Sonic is offering their Corn Dogs for a discounted price of 50 cent all day on October 31 in celebration of Halloween.

Sonic's Corn Dogs consist of a hot dog on a stick surrounded by a deep-fried sweet corn batter. They typically sell for $1 or more at Sonic (varying with location).

A costume is not required to take advantage of the offer and there's no limit on the number of Corn Dogs you can buy.

is Caring


  1. Is it nerdy that I am excited for this? It is something that we don't eat at home and makes me feel like a kid again.

  2. Nice! Why not enjoy yourself once in a while :)

  3. Gee whiz, could you offer a more in-depth explanation of what a corn dog is? I'm having trouble wrapping my head around this utterly foreign concept.

  4. Haha, just in case someone doesn't know!

  5. Mike, it's basically a hot dog, wrapped in a cornbread style "batter". Great with a good mustard.

  6. I'm guessing that's the case as well... though to be fair, there probably *are* some readers outside of the United States who may not know what a corn dog is.

  7. I doubt they'd start with "Gee whiz" though :)


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