Oct 31, 2013

News: Wienerschnitzel - New Seasoned Curly Fries and Chili Cheese Seasoned Curly Fries

Wienerschnitzel is offering new Seasoned Curly Fries for a limited time at participating locations. They're also offering the option of topping the fries with chili and shredded cheese in the same fashion as their regular French fries.

Wienerschnitzel's Chili Cheese Curly Fries are pretty much the same thing that Jack in the Box was offering last year. An order starts at $2.99 (varying with location).

Other major changes that offer seasoned curly fries include Arby's (who offers them as the default side) and Jack in the Box (Carl's Jr. and Popeyes also offer seasoned fries but they're not curly).


  1. This has to be the worst Hardee's breakfast offering I've ever had, and that is really saying something! I've suffered through smelly fried bologna, and bland smoked sausage biscuits before. These however are absolutely disgusting!
    The sausage is... well... chunky. A look inside the casing gives the consumer a look at chopped bits of undesirable swine flesh. There's a reason most people don't want to think about how sausage is made.
    The pungent odor of "maple" permeates from the bag. An odor so strong my hands still smell of maple 12 hours later. I've washed my hands probably 15 or 20 times today, and still... MAPLE! Why won't this crap wash off?
    The taste wasn't very good either. This is enough for me to never buy another maple sausage biscuit. Once you add in the other, more disgusting factors, it's pretty safe to say this is an AVOID AT ALL COSTS biscuit.
    From this point forward I will only order my favorite Hardee's biscuit: Bacon Egg, & Cheese. They are the best thing on the menu.

  2. I tried the chili cheese curly fries the other week. The fries taste the same as the ones from Jack in the Box just with chili and cheese on it. I thought they were great. It's a nice change from their regular fries.

  3. Sounds pretty good, I might have to make the 15 minutes drive to try them.

  4. Not trying to be "that guy".. probably an auto-correct thing, but have to think you mean "major chains" instead of "major changes"?

  5. Definitely stick with bacon, egg, & cheese.. this chain loses a few points with me for constantly trying to innovate on something that's already good the way it is. I guess I can't hate them for trying but this didn't even sound good. Nice commentary :)

  6. This was incredibly good. the combination of flavors really made this enjoyable

  7. Kevin must be a City Yuppie! This is a Southern thing, maple sausage, eggs, cheese, biscuit. Has to be one of Hardees BEST Breakfast sandwiches!!

  8. Bacon egg and cheese is like Budweiser...a product for the dumbed down.

    All the other biscuits you mentioned have flavor and character.

    Drink up chief.


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