Oct 11, 2013

Around the World: Burger King Japan - New "Black Ninja" Burger

Burger King Japan is following up their Big Bacon Whopper (which features an extra-large slice of back bacon) with a new black bun version called the "Black Ninja."

The burger features a large slice of flame-grilled bacon that they call "King's Bacon," a standard Whopper beef patty, mayo, onions, lettuce, a hash brown, and a "dark brown Chaliapin" sauce, which is a garlic-onion soy sauce named after a Russian opera singer.

The Black Ninja is is so named because it's meant to resemble the black hood of a ninja with the over-sized bacon serving as his tongue sticking out.

Like so:

But that's not all, Japan being the land of cute mascots, here's the mascot for the new burger:

Stickers of him (shown right) are given with medium and large combo meals.

The black bun gets its color from the inclusion of bamboo charcoal and was first introduced to the Burger King Japan menu last year.

The Black Ninja burger will be offered for a limited time starting October 25, 2013 at 680 yen ($6.91 US) a piece.


  1. Using a black bun made with bamboo charcoal sounds highly unhealthy (as does including that much bacon), but man does this thing look awesome. I'm a skinny 26-year-old woman, but I'd totally eat that. Maybe they could come up with a similar concept for the U.S. as a movie tie-in or something.

  2. darn it....i get back from japan on the 25th.


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