Jan 3, 2013

Review: Burger King - Chicken Nuggets

Burger King's new Chicken Nuggets look an awful lot like McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. Like the previous version, they're made of white meat chicken dipped in a "crispy tempura-style batter" and are meant to be crispier that before.

I picked up a 10-piece order for $2.99. There was also a 20-piece on the menu at $4.99.

Make no bones about it, Burger King was looking to copy McDonald's with their new Chicken Nuggets. They look the same and they feel the same. The shape are more uniform than McDonald's circle, boot, and oval so I guess that's kinda different.

How does it taste? My batch was pretty fresh out of the fryer so they were crispy and a little oily. The meat is of the mechanically separated variety. It was pretty juicy and actually a little bit more tender than a Chicken McNugget. Beyond that, Burger King's version tasted eerily like a Chicken McNugget. It wasn't quite there though; there was just a little something missing although I couldn't quite figure out what. I may have to do a head-to-head comparison between the two to figure it out.

They are better than the old ones, which tasted a bit too much like Tyson's frozen chicken nuggets.

Burger King's dipping sauces remain the same. They ran out of barbecue, so I went with Zesty sauce and Honey Mustard. I've only had Zesty in a burger and as a dipping sauce, there's a strong note of horseradish that I didn't pick up among the ingredients in the burgers. The Honey Mustard was pretty standard, but good.

Among, fast food mechanically-separated chicken nuggets, Burger King's new Chicken Nuggets rates a solid #2 as a close but imperfect imitation of McDonald's #1.

Nutritional Info - Burger King Chicken Nuggets - 10 pieces (175g)
Calories - 470 (from Fat - 260)
Fat - 29g (Saturated Fat - 5g)
Sodium - 890mg
Carbs - 34g (Sugar - 0g)
Protein - 21g

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  1. I think I had these by accident when I ordered the Chicken Tenders the other day. They were definitely crispier than the old ones, which I preferred.

  2. Mine were not very fresh and kind of sucked. Anyways, I think they are the poor man's McDonald's nuggets.

  3. I picked up a 4-piece out of curiosity today after running some errands. The BK I swung by was a little slow so I had to wait, but that meant my nuggets came fresh out of the fryer. I tried a nugget immediately and that first bite was amazing--the batter was so airy, light, and crisp, and the chicken so tender. I actually liked BK's version better than McDonald's in that instant!

    Then I made the mistake of putting the box away and driving 15 minutes home... when I opened it again, any crispness the batter had was all gone. Left behind was a hardened and even chewy shell, which completely ruined the whole experience. The nuggets were still warm, too! It literally tasted like it had gone completely stale in that short time-period, whereas McDonald's nuggets somehow magically retain some crispness even when cold. I'm so disappointed, I don't even want to finish my last two...

  4. I wish more fast food places did spicy nuggets like Wendy's.

  5. I hope they're $2.99 for a 10-piece order at all BKs. That would make them well worth trying for me, that's a very fair price. My McDonald's charges $4.49 for a 10-piece, which makes me never get anything but a 20-piece from them.

  6. That's so pricey for 10-piece McNuggets!

  7. wow, pricy! we have 4.99 for 20 mcnuggets and 8.99 for 80 mcnuggets in our area

  8. I wonder how a spicy Chicken McNugget would be!

  9. Seriously BK, just bring back the crowns. Your menu was perfectly fine until you decided to shove out the "new and improved" tenders.

  10. I agree. I had to wait for my 20-piece order to be cooked and by the time I got the McBKNuggets home they were soggy and tasted slightly like the cardboard box they came in. I'd like to see BK put some effort into their McBKNugget packaging like they did with the Whopper's.

  11. They were ok. For the price it wasn't bad but I think they taste like an off brand of McDonalds. It was hard to tell because mine were either crispy or over done. I don't care for BKs sauces as much. I have a coupon for 4 for 50 cents. I might try a snack of them on the way home one day and see if they taste different.

    I have not had Burger King in over a year before this. If someone drug me there then I would go with either this or a tender crisp/grill since those are hte only things I like that they serve.

  12. I don't like them. However, I dont like the battered style nugget in general. I believe the breaded nugget is far superior. I will no longer be eating BK nuggets.

  13. I had these nuggets today and the ones I had were DISGUSTING. The chicken was a wierd, soft texture - I would not describe it as "tender", it was just kind of soft and gross. The nuggets had a thicker tempura coating and tasted like they should have been cooked longer, however they were like little oil sponges. I literally squeezed each one in a napkin before I ate it, and the napkin would be SOAKED with grease. I will never buy these again, they are disgusting!

  14. Poor man Mcdonalds nuggets? McDonalds nuggets are absolutely disgusting so that's saying alot.

  15. I tried these about a month ago with a coupon for 4x nuggets for $0.50 and I did not liked them: the frying oil taste and low amount of meat [compared to McD's]. I would not buy them again. I prefer McD's and Wendy's nuggets, but not these. Too much oil taste and too little mediocre meat.

  16. I just had these for the first time, and all I can say is; PASTE.
    That's what the consistency of these nuggets insides were. Never ever again!

  17. Just had a 10 pc from burger king. They left me wondering what happened to the actual chicken. They are breaded paste.

  18. BK to me had the best tenders in the whole fast food world!! I can't believe they replaced them with these nasty ass nuggets!! Bring back the good stuff!!


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