Jun 11, 2012

News: Domino's Pizza - 50% Off Online Pizza This Week

Domino's Pizza is celebrating the passing of the $1 billion annual digital sales mark in U.S. by offering a 50% off deal on any online pizza purchased at menu price during this week as a show of customer appreciation.

The deal is good on pizzas purchased at menu price (i.e. not good with any other deals or promos) and does not includes sides, desserts, and what not. The offer runs

The offer is good starting today, Monday, June 11, and runs through Sunday, June 17. Please keep in mind that it is only valid on orders made online.

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  1. Ancient age has likely negatively affected my tasting apparatus.

    Maybe it is the sensors mostly located on my tongue not working properly or maybe it is the nerves sending the signal to my withered brain or perhaps it is the tiny portion of my tiny brain not interpreting the electrical signals properly or some or all of the possibilities mentioned.

    Or... the doctor has me taking 7 pills daily and maybe one or more of the eeeeek!!!! DRUGS is altering my tasting of vittles.



    Nothing tastes good anymore. Some vittles taste bad.

    Easier to lose weight when nothing tastes as good as it used to.


    But....  as for pizza... even before my tasting was impaired I noticed a difference between pizza from years ago and what is offered today.

    Based on memory alone I recall pizzas of yore having much more cheese on them and that the cheese was of higher quality.

    Shakeys, Round Table, Straw Hat, etc.

    Dern' good eating back then.

    And the meats used were of higher quality I believe.

    Then again, maybe not.

    And keep off the shanty's dirt and weeds you vile vermin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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