Oct 2, 2013

News: Baskin-Robbins - October 2013 Flavor of the Month

Baskin-Robbins is offering a slew of pumpkin-flavored items plus new Whoopie Pies in addition to Trick Oreo Treat, this month's Flavor of the Month.

Trick Oreo Treat ice cream features orange creme-filled Oreo cookie, Baby Ruth, and Butterfinger candy pieces mixed into vanilla ice cream. It's available in a cup, cone, milkshake, pint, or quart.

The new, limited-time ice cream Whoopie Pies are made with a choice of ice cream sandwiched between two cookie-shaped chocolate cakes. Whoopie Pie cake pieces can also be purchased to take home with a pint or quart of ice cream to assemble at home.

To help celebrate Halloween, Baskin-Robbins is offering a duo of Halloween-themed cakes: the jack-o-lantern-shaped Pumpkin Patch Cake and Haunted House Cake.

And, of course since it's fall, Baskin-Robbins is serving Pumpkin Pie ice cream, milkshakes, and Cappuccino Blasts.

Nutritional Info - Baskin-Robbins Trick Oreo Treat - 2.5 oz scoop (71g)
Calories - 190 (from Fat - 90)
Fat - 10g (Saturated Fat - 6g)
Sodium - 90mg
Carbs - 23g (Sugar - 19g)
Protein - 3g

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  1. that whoopie pie looks like it has tuna salad between it, not ice cream...not a good thing!


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