Aug 7, 2014

Around the World: Lay's Canada 2014 "Do Us A Flavor" Finalists Include Cinnamon Bun

Like the US, Canada gets its own set of 2014 Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" finalists, and while Cappuccino is our "I-don't-think-this-should-be-a-chip" flavor, Canada's analog is the equally head-scratching Cinnamon Bun Lay's Original potato chips.

Rounding out the finalists are Bacon Poutine Lay's Original, Jalapeno Mac N' Cheese Wavy Lay's, and Tzatziki Lay's Kettle Cooked.

All finalist flavors are currently being rolled out across Canada with voting to start on August 12, 2014. While the flavors will only be around for 2 months or so, the winning flavor will return to stores late November and still around for a fair bit.

Considering that Maple Moose won last year's contest (beating out Perogy Platter, Grilled Cheese & Ketchup, and Creamy Garlic Caesar), I wouldn't discount Cinnamon Bun's chances of taking home the prize this year.