Aug 17, 2014

News: Starbucks - New Iced Coffee "Brewed to Personalize" at Home

Starbucks is now selling plain pre-brewed coffee in 64-fl. oz. bottles in supermarkets and the like.

Rather than just calling it "coffee" or "iced coffee," they're attaching the term "Brewed to Personalize" on every bottle. The message being that you can personalize it by adding whatever milk and/or sweetener or nothing at all to your liking.

Basically, the new coffee adds an option for people who either prefer their coffee black or with almond milk, or soy milk and the like.

The new Starbucks Iced Coffee is available in Lightly Sweetened, Unsweetened, and Caramel varieties with a suggested retail price of $4.99 (may vary) and is available nationwide.

The calorie range is 10 to 60 calories per 8 fl. oz serving (plus whatever you add in, of course).