Aug 22, 2014

News: Jack in the Box Testing Herb Butter-Smothered Burgers

Jack in the Box is testing a new line of premium burgers where the hamburger patty is topped with melted garlic herb butter. They're calling it the "Buttery Jack" and it's available in two varieties: Original and Bacon & Swiss.

The Buttery Jack has been spotted in Sacramento and seems to be testing across that area as Jack in the Box has television spots running for it.

The burger chain seems to be looking for possible replacements for their top-end Sirloin Burgers as, similar to the Big Cheesy test, the new burgers are offered in lieu of the Sirloin Burgers at the test locations.

Like the Big Cheesy, the Buttery Jack comes with a new "signature" bun and beef patty. Additionally, the Original version comes with leaf lettuce, a Thousand Island-type sauce, and cheese, while the Bacon & Swiss includes bacon, Swiss cheese, and what appears to be bacon mayo.

Photo submitted anonymously.