Aug 27, 2014

News: Applebee's - New All-In Burgers

Applebee's updates their burger line up with the addition of new All-In Burgers, as in "the toppings are 'all-in' the burger patty." Each All-In Burger features toppings that are pressed into the burger patty during grilling.

There are four All-in Burgers: the Mushroom Swiss, American Standard (pictured), Triple Bacon Burger, and Sweet Asian Pineapple.

The Mushroom Swiss comes topped with portabello & button mushrooms, smoky mayo & Swiss cheese.

Nutritional Info - Applebee's Mushroom Swiss All-In Burger
Calories - 1100 (from Fat - 710)
Fat - 79g (Saturated Fat - 30g)
Sodium - 1290mg
Carbs - 47g
Protein - 53g

The American Standard features pickles, bacon, onion, "signature" sauce, and American cheese.

Nutritional Info - Applebee's American Standard All-In Burger
Calories - 1030 (from Fat - 640)
Fat - 71g (Saturated Fat - 27g)
Sodium - 1970mg
Carbs - 48g
Protein - 50g

The Triple Bacon Burger has bacon in the patty as well as bacon on the patty (it's not a full-on bacon patty like this though) plus BBQ bacon ranch, and cheddar cheese.

Nutritional Info - Applebee's Triple Bacon All-In Burger
Calories - 1190 (from Fat - 760)
Fat - 84g (Saturated Fat - 32g)
Sodium - 2100mg
Carbs - 48g
Protein - 61g

The Sweet Asian Pineapple comes with pineapple, a sweet Asian chile sauce, and Jack cheese.

Nutritional Info - Applebee's Sweet Asian Pineapple All-In Burger
Calories - 1030 (from Fat - 600)
Fat - 67g (Saturated Fat - 28g)
Sodium - 1610mg
Carbs - 56g
Protein - 53g

Each burger comes with a side of fries (the nutritional information provided is for the burgers only) and prices fall around the $10 mark (may vary).

To show you how the burgers are made, Applebee's went with a fake hidden camera set up: