Aug 16, 2014

Review: Church's Chicken - Big Tex Tender Sandwich

Church's Chicken's Big Tex Tender Sandwich features two fried chicken breast tenders, shredded lettuce, pickles, and mayo on two slices of Texas toast.

I bought one for $2.49.

I think the person making my sandwich was new because for whatever reason, he inverted the Texas toast slices so that the toasted sides were facing inward. I guess it kept my hands cleaner though. The bread was nice and squishy with a crispiness on the toasted side.

The tenders were pretty meaty with a nice, crunchy breading. They were pretty juicy as well. Church's seems to fry up their chicken quite often, rather than letting them sit out too long, at the location I frequent.

The mayo was spread just enough to taste and the pickles added a nice, tangy bite to contrast against the mostly savory notes.

The lettuce was mostly crispy and fresh but a lot of it fell out as I was eating (I just stuffed it right back in though).

Overall, Church's Big Tex Tender Sandwich was simple, but really good. There wasn't too much or too little of any ingredients and there was just enough variety to it. It's an enjoyable rendition of your classic chicken sandwich with a southern touch.