Aug 8, 2014

News: Jell-O - New University Molds for 2014 College Football Season

Just in time for the start of the college football season, Jell-O launches 16 new Jell-O University Mold Kits this month so that you can express your school pride (as long as it's one of the available universities) in jiggly form.

The product was first launched last year with a line up of four schools: the University of Arkansas, University of Florida, University of Michigan, and University of Texas. The 16 new schools for this year's line up are:

- University of Alabama
- University of California at Los Angeles
- University of Southern California
- University of Georgia
- Florida State University
- University of Iowa
- Louisiana State University
- Michigan State University
- University of Missouri
- University of North Carolina
- University of Oklahoma
- The Ohio State University
- University of Oregon
- University of Tennessee
- Texas A&M University
 -University of Wisconsin

Each kit contains two trays of school logo or mascot molds as well as two boxes of Jell-O gelatin in team colors. The Jell-O University Mold Kits carry a suggested retail price of $5.99 and are available in grocery stores and mass retailers. If you can't find them in your area, they're also available on