Aug 6, 2014

Review: Popeyes - Tear'n Tenderloin Chicken

Popeyes' Tear'n Tenderloin Chicken are cuts of fried chicken filets that are semi-split in the middle so that it's easy to tear and dip them.

Popeyes is offering them for a limited time in a combo with two pieces with a side, biscuit, and new Cajun Creamy Garlic sauce for $3.99.

There was a nice flavor and crunch to the batter. The chicken was tasty, tender, and juicy. Be warned that the seasoning packs a medium heat that seemed spicier than their "Spicy" chicken and might be too much for some.

The pieces were very big but were still probably the equivalent of three of their normal strips.

The Cajun Creamy Garlic sauce provided a nice cooling effect and was mostly a slightly tangy, savory mayo with hints of garlic.

Overall, Popeyes' Tear'n Tenderloin Chicken isn't terribly different from most of the chain's chicken limited-time items (the biggest differences were the heat and the slightly different shape/cut), but it was really good and provided a nice value with the combo.