Aug 5, 2014

Around the World: Starbucks South Korea's New Sodas Come with Flavored Jelly

Starbucks' recently introduced their handcrafted Fizzio soda platform this summer in the US (in the warmer states anyway), but they also just launched it over in South Korea and, I have to say, South Korea got the better of it since their soda flavors come with various flavored jellies.

While we get Ginger Ale, Root Beer, and Lemon Ale, the South Koreans get Lemon Ginger with Mango Jelly, Passion Tea Lemonade with Hibiscus Jelly, and Yogurt Citrus with Mango Jelly.

Lemon Ginger is described as "Real fruit juice and spices create a light, citrus flavor with notes of ginger and rosemary that go perfectly with rich mango jelly.''

Passion Tea Lemonade is described as "Refreshing bright citrus and floral notes and smooth hibiscus jelly provide a lively, balanced zing."

Finally, Yogurt Citrus is mentioned in the following manner: "real yogurt with creamy mango jelly for a tangy and fresh flavor."

Sounds more interesting than plain root bear and ginger ale no?