Aug 3, 2014

Review: Claim Jumper - Italian Lemon Cake

Claim Jumper's Italian Lemon Cake is described as "five layers of rich cream cake, filled and topped with white chocolate lemon filling." It also has a lemon glaze on top.

It was $7.99 for a slice.

I wouldn't call it rich but the cake was super moist but otherwise like a yummy yellow cake.

The white chocolate lemon filling was more creamy than tart. It exhibited the essence of lemon without the tangy sourness. The white chocolate actual comes in little pieces that delivered an extra creamy sweetness.

The whip cream frosting at the outer edge was actually coconut flavored and added an nice and tasty contrast.

If you're looking for more tanginess, you'll find them in the raspberry sauce on the dish and the lemon glaze on top. They bordered on sour, but I liked the punch.

Overall, Claim Jumper's Italian Lemon Cake was very good with a couple of unexpected but delicious features that added depth.

Nutritional Info - Claim Jumper Italian Lemon Cake
Calories - 1238
Saturated Fat - 41g
Sodium - 569mg
Carbs - 158g
Protein - 13g