Aug 4, 2014

News: KFC Gets the Colonel to Fill Up Gas for Free

Playing on the name of their latest promo (the $5 Fill Up combos), KFC had Colonel Sanders (or rather an actor dressed up as the Colonel) pumping free gas and giving away free KFC Gift Checks last Tuesday, July 29, at Pruitt's Service Island in Louisville, Kentucky.

The promo also touches on the chain's origins, when the Colonel first opened up shop in the front room of a filling station in Corbin, Kentucky. According to KFC's Chief Marketing Officer, Kevin Hochman, the "$5 Fill-Up meal harkens back to a time when you could fill up your car for just five dollars." Never mind that $5 back then would be the equivalent of about $67 today.

Regardless, KFC Fill Up meals are one of the chain's better value meals in recent times. You can read more about them here.

You can check out the Colonel in action below: