Aug 25, 2014

News: Little Caesars - New Pretzel Crust Pizza Arrives September 1

It looks like that pretzel crust test went well, as Little Caesars will be introducing their new Soft Pretzel  Crust Pepperoni Pizza come September 1, 2014, according to USA Today.

The new pizza will only be available for a limited time through October 26th (although it could stick around if it sells really well) and features a crust of salted and buttered pretzel dough. Rather than tomato sauce, the pizza comes with a cheddar cheese sauce. In addition to pepperoni, the new pretzel pizza is topped with a four-cheese blend of Asiago, Fontina, parmesan, and white cheddar in addition to the chain's standard mozzarella and Muenster blend.

Being that this is Little Caesars we're talking about, the price of admission is low: only $6 for a large and Hot-N-Ready between 4 pm and 8 pm (it can be made to order the rest of the time).

Apparently, Little Caesars was also testing Pretzel Bites a while back and we may or may not see those in the future.

Pretzel bread has been popular with fast food chains in the past year or two with pretzel burger buns at Wendy's, pretzel hot dog buns at Sonic (and as a regular offering for some time now at Wienerschnitzel), and cheese-filled pretzel bites at Arby's, to name a few.

Update 10/2/14 - due to demand, Little Caesars has extended the new pizza through November 23, 2014.