Aug 16, 2014

News: Noosa Yogurt - New Coconut and Pineapple Varieties

Noosa Australian-style yogurt now comes in two new flavors: Coconut and Pineapple.

Coconut pairs sweet, shredded coconut with sweetened yogurt, while Pineapple comes with pineapple puree.

There's also a new seasonal pumpkin flavor with pumpkin puree that's exclusive to Target.

In case you're wondering what "Australian-style" yogurt is, according to the Noosa website, it's basically Greek-style yogurt sweetened with honey and is described as "sweet-tart tang and smooth, velvety texture."

Rather than the standard 5.3-oz cups, Noosa comes in shallow 8-oz tubs with resealable lids for about $2 to $2.50 each.