Aug 24, 2014

Review: Taco Bell - Cinnamon Nachos Dessert Kit

Taco Bell's Cinnamon Nachos Dessert Kit is a licensed product made by Kraft featuring cinnamon corn tortilla chips, caramel sauce, and toffee-flavored bits. It's meant to be eaten with ice cream, which you have to supply on your own.

The kit carries a suggested retail price of $2.99, but I received this one courtesy of Kraft.

I went with Talenti Vanilla Bean Gelato for the ice cream. It has a very intense vanilla flavor.

They give you a lot of caramel and toffee-flavored bits in the kit. I wished they included more chips though as I ended up using all the chips, but only maybe half of the sauce and bits.

The chips were a little stale and brittle. They didn't go too heavy with the cinnamon sugar, so it was a nice taste. I think fried flour tortilla chips would have worked better though.

The toffee-flavored bits were basically crunchy pebble-sized sugar crystals with a touch of toffee flavor. They could have used a touch (or two or three) more of that toffee flavor. These probably go best on top of the ice cream and they otherwise just end up at the bottom of the plate.

The caramel sauce was nice with a mellow flavor similar to Kraft's caramel but more liquid. I liked that it never got to be too much.

I think you're suppose to eat these by scooping up the ice cream with the chips, but the chips were prone to breaking. It might be better to just make yourself a scoop of ice cream and garnish it with the chips, sauce, and toffee-flavored bits.

Overall, Taco Bell's Cinnamon Nachos Dessert Kit was nice enough but not great. I had a couple of people try it and they both said the best part was the ice cream... It would probably do better as just an ice cream topping kit, but then what would they do with the Taco Bell theme?

Nutritional Info - Taco Bell Cinnamon Nachos Dessert Kit
Serving Size - 1/5 package (31g)
Calories - 130 (from Fat - 35)
Fat - 4g (Saturated Fat - 1g)
Sodium - 35mg
Carbs - 22g (Sugar - 12g)
Protein - 1g