Aug 27, 2014

Review: Arby's - Gyro

Arby's Gyros (pronounced "year-oh" and not "guy-ro") come with either thin-sliced roast turkey or beef along with Greek seasoning, tzatziki sauce, sliced red onions, shredded lettuce, and sliced tomatoes, folded inside of a pita.

I had a coupon where they were two for $6 so I got one with turkey and one with beef.

While they're calling these "gyros," they're more like flatbread or pita sandwiches, since the essence of the gyro--the spit-roasted shaved meat--is missing. Still, they add some variety and a different flavor profile to the menu while they're around.

The gyros were a lot bigger than I thought they'd be (you can see, they dwarf the quarter in the picture above) and there was a good amount of meat in them. There was a bit more meat to the beef one than the turkey one, although there wasn't any lack of coverage inside except maybe at the very ends.

Between the turkey and the beef, both were pretty salty (as is typical of deli meats), but the turkey worked better with the seasoning for me. It's strange because I usually prefer Arby's roast beef over their turkey.

What makes Arby's Gyro taste different from your typical Arby's sandwich is the Greek seasoning and the tzatziki. Fortunately, they do a fine job, with an herby flavor from the seasoning and a cool, creaminess from the tzatziki (although it's doesn't quite hit that yogurt-cucumber combination). The tzatziki is also a bit liquidy and was dripping out of each gyro as I tried them. Particularly in the Turkey Gyro, where it seems like it leaked out while the gyro was wrapped and left one side of the pita's outer layer quite damp. I wouldn't advise eating these in your car (or if you do, to be extra careful).

The pita was pillowy soft, dense, and pretty pliable. It held together excellently.

As for the produce: the lettuce was nice and crisp, the tomatoes were overripe, and the onions were very thinly-sliced. I wished there was a bit more onion as they added a nice bite.

Overall, Arby's Gyros were quite good and I really liked the flavor and variety. If would be nice if the sauce was a little less wet i.e. thicker, or if they wrapped it on one end like most gyros places do. I would definitely go with the turkey over the beef. I think the seasoning and sauce combine better with it. I wouldn't get it if I was itching for a gyro, but I'd get it as something from Arby's.

Nutritional Info - Arby's Roast Beef Gyro (273g)
Calories - 520 (from Fat - 230)
Fat - 26g (Saturated Fat - 7g)
Sodium - 1380mg
Carbs - 48g (Sugar - 5g)
Protein - 25g

Nutritional Info - Arby's Turkey Gyro (273g)
Calories - 450 (from Fat - 150)
Fat - 17g (Saturated Fat - 3g)
Sodium - 1560mg
Carbs - 48g (Sugar - 6g)
Protein - 26g