Aug 28, 2014

Review: Pizza Hut - Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut's Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza is available for a limited time and features end crust stuffed with a three-cheese blend (mozzarella, white cheddar, and provolone) plus diced up bits of hardwood-smoked bacon.

I bought a large topped with pepperoni for $11.99.

Let's go straight to the meat of things (pun intended) shall we? Yes, bacon makes the 3-Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza better. There was a good, even distribution of bacon into the melted cheese (which still just tasted like mozzarella), but it wasn't so heavy as to be overly salty. It added a much welcomed delicious porky smokiness to the creamy gooey-ness. If the pizza was just made of the end crust, I wouldn't mind it at all.

That being said, the end crust was a little too soft in this round. It didn't have the same thin crispy shell, but was thoroughly soft with a slight chew. It's a minor nitpick that, if it happens to you, can easily be corrected with a quick trip inside the toaster oven.

The pepperoni was just a little overcooked and a little dry but very crispy as a result. Like the crust softness, it's one of those things that tend to vary from visit to visit.

The rest of the crust was fairly thin but soft and slightly sweet. The cheese on top was your generic chain pizza cheese that never really oozes or stretches much. The sauce was thick, robust, and sweet (maybe a little too robust).

Overall, Pizza Hut's Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza was very enjoyable because bacon and melted cheese inside warm bread is pretty great. The rest of the pizza was nice as well.

Nutritional Info - Pizza Hut Large Bacon Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza w/ Pepperoni
Serving Size - 1 slice
Calories - 370 (from Fat - 170)
Fat - 19g (Saturated Fat - 9g)
Sodium - 980mg
Carbs - 34g (Sugar - 1g)
Protein - 16g