Aug 7, 2014

News: New Snickers Xtreme Candy Bar

Because fans voted for it, the newest Snickers brand candy bar will be named "Snickers Xtreme."

Because the name isn't exactly descriptive, you should know that the Snickers Xtreme bar does away with the nougat in a typical Snickers and replaces with with more peanuts and caramel i.e it's roasted peanuts and caramel covered in milk chocolate.

Voting was conducted on Facebook where fans had five names to choose from: Snickers Xtreme, Snickers Go Nuts, Snickers #MoreNuts, Snickers Nuts Galore, and Snickers Nuts.

The new Snickers Xtreme bar will be available at retailers nationwide in 2014 in a 3.56-oz "2 to Go" size (formerly "king size").