Aug 18, 2014

Review: Jack in the Box - Grande Sausage Burrito

Jack in the Box's Grande Sausage Burrito features sausage, hash browns, bacon crumbles, shredded pepper jack, cheddar cheese sauce, and creamy Sriracha sauce (a first for the chain), wrapped in a warm Guerrero brand flour tortilla.

I got one for $3.49.

This one looked to be pretty spicy, but I can't say I caught too much heat in mine. The creamy Sriracha sauce was mostly creamy with just a bit of heat and tang. The pepper jack was mostly covered up by the cheddar cheese sauce.

Other than that, it had a good heft and was a pretty nice combination of most of the typical breakfast staples. The sausage seemed more flavorful than I remember and I could actually see bits of fennel in it. The bacon made a smoky showing in sporadic salty bursts.

There was less egg than usual for filler in the burrito. It was pretty average and not all that fluffy or fresh.

I really liked the hash browns, which managed to stay a touch crispy and offered a measured dose of potato in every bite. It's a pity but you're never going to get a full-on crunchy hash brown unless they fry it order and you eat it right there and then.

Overall, for all its spicy promise, Jack in the Box's Grande Sausage Burrito offered little in the heat department, but was still a solid and enjoyable breakfast burrito that's available at all hours of the day.

Nutritional Info - Jack in the Box Grande Sausage Breakfast Burrito (381g)
Calories - 1044 (from Fat - 632)
Fat - 70g (Saturated Fat - 20g)
Sodium - 2131mg
Carbs - 68g (Sugar - 5g)
Protein - 36g