Aug 10, 2014

News: Carl's Jr. Testing Spicy Burger with Jalapeno Poppers

Carl's Jr. is testing out a spicy burger that they're calling "El Diablo" Thickburger. "El Diablo" is Spanish for "The Devil." The burger was spotted out in Stevenson Ranch, CA by a fellow Brand Eater.

El Diablo features a charbroiled beef patty (ranging from their standard single beef patty up to a 1/2 lb. Angus beef patty), cheesy jalapeno poppers, sliced jalapenos, bacon, and a fiery habanero sauce on a Fresh Baked Bun.

The burger bears more than a passing resemblance to Jack in the Box's recently introduced Hella-peno Burger. Carl's Jr. El Diablo looks to offer more bells and whistles though.

Sounds interesting enough, but if we're voting, I hope the mashed potato-topped burger spotted testing earlier this summer ends go going national.

Photo by Eric Sunde.

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