Aug 18, 2014

News: For One Day Only, Taco Bell Sold Brunchitos and Jalaritos!

Last Saturday, a single Taco Bell restaurant out in Huntington Park, CA was serving up new Brunchitos and Jalaritos for just one day only. Like the names suggest, the Brunchito is a brunch burrito, while the Jalarito is a chimichanga(!) with jalapenos.

Rather than for test marketing, the new, exclusive menu items were being offered as the culmination of their charitable Camp Taco Bell business leadership program, which saw teams of teens from various Boys & Girls clubs, local Taco Bell restaurants, and summer interns compete to develop and create new menu item over two days. The two winning teams got to sell their product at a local Taco Bell restaurant, which brings us back to last Saturday, the Brunchitos, Jalaritos, and Huntington Park.

The Jalarito was created by the first place winners, the Boys & Girls Club of La Habra, and is a "crispy burrito" (i.e. chimichanga) filled with pintos beans, cilantro rice, fire-grilled white-meat chicken, three-cheese blend, and jalapenos. At $2.49 a pop, they sold 352 of them.

The Brunchito was the brainchild of the second place winners, the Boys & Girls of Pasadena, and features scrambled eggs, seasoned ground beef, pico de gallo, cheddar cheese, and creamy pepper jack sauce wrapped up in a warm, grilled flour tortilla. It was also sold at $2.39 and they sold 274 Brunchitos in all.

The winning teams received scholarship money for their efforts as well as grant money.

I would not mind seeing either item at my local Taco Bell, especially the chimichanga!

You can check out this video they put together if you want more details:

Photos by Taco Bell.