May 1, 2019

Domino's Tests GPS Delivery Tracking in Phoenix

For those who want to know exactly where their pizza is as it leaves the store, Domino's is testing GPS delivery driver tracking in 27 corporate-owned stores in the Phoenix, AZ area.

If you order from one of the locations conducting the test can track the location of your order and delivery driver on a map displayed on the order confirmation page of the Domino's website or app. You can also see an estimated delivery time and can opt-in to receiving a SMS text message notification to let you know when your order is about two minutes away.

On the Domino's side, the test provides optional navigation and one-touch customer callback features for delivery drivers and lets store managers know where all their drivers are.

The chain plans to extend the test to select stores in the Lansing, MI; Roanoke, VA, and Seattle-Tacoma, Washington areas later this spring.

While delivery driver tracking at Domino's is new to us here in the US, it's been available over in Australia since 2015.

Photo via Domino's.

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