Apr 2, 2024

2024 April Fools' Day Joke Round-up

7-Eleven Big Bite Hot Dog Flavored Sparkling Water.

This year's April Fools' Day saw quite a few pranks from various fast-food and snack brands so I put together a list for your perusal. Here's the 2024 April Fools' Day joke round-up:

- 7-Eleven - They announced a Big Bite Hot Dog Flavored Sparkling Water and actually sent me a can of it to try... you can read my thoughts on it here.

A&W Root Beer Tooth Paste.

- A&W Restaurants - "Enjoy that frosty mug taste every time you brush your teeth with NEW A&W Root Beer Toothpaste!"

Inside Auntie Anne's Pretzel Airplane.

Auntie Anne's - "In collaboration with Frontier Airlines, we’re introducing the newest addition to the Frontier Fleet: The Pretzel Plane. 

Sit back and relax as Frontier's very own Griz takes you to pretzel-paradise, which includes:

New inflight entertainment now featuring Auntie Anne's Pretzels rolled seat-side

The luxurious smell of hot, fresh pretzels throughout the cabin

Airplane-shaped pretzels if you’re feeling hungry."

Big Chicken Nashville Hot Vanilla Shake.

- Big Chicken - They announced a Nashville Hot Vanilla Shake.

- Cheetos - Rather than teasing a fake product, the Cheetos brand took a different route and suggested a couple of April Fools' jokes that their fans could play, including:

Upside-down Cheetos jar and cup prank.

Another idea they put out there is to get a back of Cheetos Puffs, grind them down into Cheedles (that's the Cheetos cheese dust), throw a bunch of baby carrots into the bag and toss them with Cheedles, and then offer them to your friends, acquaintances, and co-workers.

Chips Ahoy! lip scrub, body lotion, and hand cream.

- Chips Ahoy! - They put out an image of some Chips Ahoy! products that are definitely not going into production.

Del Taco x Tic Tacs hot sauce-flavored mints.

- Del Taco - Del Taco x Tic Tac hot sauce-flavored mints.

Denny's pancake-scented candle.

- Denny's - They announced a pancake-scented candle.

- Domino's - They simply put out a message for April Fools' - "that's it, i'm taking pineapple off the menu. no one likes it anyways."

Domino-O's Pizza cereal.

- Domino's Australia - "Introducing Domin-O’s Pizza Cereal - the breakfast revolution you've been craving!

Made with twice-cooked pizza dough for extra crunch, succulent pieces of pepperoni, and gooey mozzarella - each spoonful is PACKED with a flavour explosion to start your day the right way!

Want that extra-sweet kick? Try it with fresh pieces of pineapple!

Say goodbye to boring breakfasts and say hello to the ultimate morning indulgence with Domin-O's."

Domino's Canada Pineapple Crust Pizza.

- Domino's Canada - "Introducing Pineapple Crust Pizza!

We know how much you all love Pineapple on Pizza, So now we made it so you can enjoy Pizza on Pineapple! Order today!"

Domino's UK Frozen Pizza range.

- Domino's UK - "Introducing the Domino's Frozen Pizza Range."

- Doritos - Cool Ranch Mouthwash.

Dunkin' Donut' only logo.

- Dunkin' - They poked fun of their fairly recent name change from "Dunkin' Donuts" to just "Dunkin'" by announcing that they're changing their name to just "Donuts'."

Einstein Bros' AI bagel oven.

- Einstein Bros - "We’re bringing fresh-baked bagels to every street corner in America! Introducing our new bA.I.gel oven, programmed to instantly bake your ideal bagel.

Scan your retinas, provide your email and your perfect bagel will be fresh-baked within minutes!"

Hardee's Cinnamon Raisin Biscuit Shake.

- Hardee's - "Ya'll said bring back the Cinnamon 'N' Raisin Biscuits...but we thought we'd ~shake~ things up a little instead."

Hot Pockets & Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough filled Hot Pocket.

- Hot Pockets & Nestle Toll House - "Meet the Cookie Dough Hot Pocket."

- Jamba - The Mayo-A-Go-Go Smoothie made with Hellman's Mayo.

Jersey Mark's.

- Jersey Mike's - How about Jersey Mark's?

Jimmy John's pickle bouquet.

- Jimmy John's - "For a limited time, stop by participating stores to grab the new JJ's Pickle Bouquet! a dozen pickle spears lovingly arranged in a bed of iceberg lettuce, it's the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, weddings, April Fool's Day, sports games, and so much more!"

KFC x Prime energy drink and dipping sauces.

- KFC Canada - They teased both Prime energy drink-flavored sauce and YouTube celebrity Logan Paul as the Colonel hawking KFC-flavored Prime.

- KFC France - "New: a burger with bread."

Lay-s Broccoli-flavored potato chips.

- Lay's - Broccoli-flavored potato chips.

- McDonald's Canada - They announced lip balm in the flavors of some McDonald's menu items, including Big Mac Sauce, the Oreo McFlurry, and extra pickles.

Sonic x Moe's Queso Shake.

- Moe's & Sonic - "Introducing the newest Sonic beverage, the Queso Slush: Sip the Dip, featuring Moe's Famous Queso!​ The frozen goodness of a Sonic Slush meets the delicious flavor of Moe’s queso."

- Oreo - "Introducing Just the Creme and Just the Wafer!" I know a few people who would love to get their hands on Just the Wafer Oreos.

Peet's Cotton Candy Swirl Frappe.

- Peet's - Peet's takes a shot at Starbucks with this year's April Fools' joke: "coffee is overrated. say hello to our newest drink, cotton candy swirl frappé!"

Pizza Hut's le pizza haute skincare collection.

- Pizza Hut - "Introducing lé pizza haute, our brand new skincare line. Our full range of skin-nourishing products will finally allow you to look as good as pizza tastes."

Pizza Hut UK's Double Yolker pizza.

Pizza Hut UK - "Introducing, the Double Yolker! An exclusive Easter special featuring slices of hard-boiled egg, topped with a runny yolk drizzle."

Red Lobster Cheddar Bay breadsticks.

- Red Lobster - "Did we just morph the Cheddar Bay Biscuit into a breadstick?? Yes, we dunking did … nothing cheddar for those scampi and alfredo dunks."

Red Robin burger headphones.

- Red Robin - "Test out the Hamburger Headphones today with our custom MadLove playlist. If your taste in music is as good as your taste in burgers, you’ll love it."

Starbucks Pupbucks concept.

- Starbucks - They announced the new Pupbucks for dogs.

Wienerschnitzel Jumbo-size condiments.

- Wienerschnitzel - "Get more sauce with our Jumbo-sized condiments."

Photos via the mentioned brands' respective social media channels.

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