Apr 1, 2024

Review: Papa Johns - Crispy Cuppy 'Roni Pizza

Papa Johns Crispy Cuppy 'Roni Pizza in its box.

Papa Johns' Crispy Cuppy 'Roni Pizza is a 16-inch, extra-large, New York-style pizza topped with creamy tomato sauce, cheese, and cupping pepperoni.

The pizza costs $13.99 but I received this courtesy of Papa Johns.

Close-up of Papa Johns Crispy Cuppy 'Roni Pizza.

While the cupping pepperoni is the main highlight of the pizza, the creamy tomato sauce is a new, noteworthy addition. The creaminess didn't really stick out much but I did notice that it was only mildly tangy and not sweet like Papa John's regular tomato sauce. The sweetness of the crust actually stuck out more than any sweetness in the sauce. In color, the creamy tomato sauce brought a vodka sauce to mind.

A slice of Papa Johns Crispy Cuppy 'Roni Pizza.

The cupping pepperoni curled quite nicely with crispy edges all around and quite a few greasy pools of pepperoni goodness in the center. The flavor of the pepperoni itself wasn't much different from Papa Johns' regular pepperoni, which is to say it's salty and spiced (but not spicy) with a savory porkiness. There was a decently even scattering of pepperoni throughout the pizza.

A folded slice of Papa Johns Crispy Cuppy 'Roni Pizza.

The dough was somewhat thick and airy for New York style but pretty normal for fast-food chain pizza. It was mostly soft but folded nicely with some flop and a slight chew to it.

The cheese seemed just a touch heavier than I typically remember getting from Papa Johns but it could just be due to variance from the person making it. It still didn't offer much of a gooey stretch--which is also typical of fast-food chain pizza.

Not mentioned in the description was a sprinkling of Italian seasoning on top, which added a welcomed dash of herbiness to the pizza.

Pepperoni close up on Papa Johns Crispy Cuppy 'Roni Pizza.

Overall, Papa Johns Crispy Cuppy 'Roni Pizza made for an enjoyable fast-food meal with a plentiful amount of cheese and pepperoni paired with a sauce and seasonings that complemented them well.

Nutritional Info - Papa Johns Crispy Cuppy 'Roni Pizza
Serving Size - 1 slice (1/8 pizza)
Calories - 390
Fat - 14g (Saturated Fat - 8g)
Sodium - 920mg
Carbs - 39g (Sugar - 4g)
Protein - 17g

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