Sep 1, 2013

News: Subway - September 2013 Featured Footlong Sandwich

Subway's September 2013 Featured Footlong is actually their entire selection of regular subs. Like the previous "FebruAny" promotion, "Subtember" runs the entire month of September and offers any regular footlong sub sandwich for $5.

For the national menu, the selection is pretty much any sandwich on the menu except for sandwiches with avocado, the Chicken Bacon Melt, the Steak & Cheese, and the Big Philly Cheesesteak.

Subway continues to offer the $4 Lunch and $3 Custom Breakfast into September.

The $4 Lunch starts at $4 for a choice from a limited selection of six-inch subs plus a 21-ounce fountain drink.

The $3 Custom Breakfast is available until 11am and features a choice from a limited selection of breakfast subs plus a 21-ounce fountain drink or coffee.

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  1. Not true on the entire selection. If you go to there web site and look at the menu you'll find there's some that are not $5.

    Chicken & Bacon, Roast Beef, all of the Steaks, Turkey Bacon, and anything that has Avocado on it.

    Also don't go buy the web page. The last time I went to Subway was I guess last year for the same event. I looked at the web site and saw what was for $5 and then went to my local Subway only to find out that not all locations followed Headquarters. So I had to pay full price for the sub that I ordered and then I went home and called there 1-800 number. I was told that the sub I ordered should have been $5. They sent me 2 coupons for 2 free 6" subs. After I used my coupons I never went back.

  2. I'm sure much of what you're saying is true, but just so you know, you made a couple simple grammatical mistakes. If you're going to have a pretentious tone at least proofread your words. Last I remembered, steak and the avocado topping were not part of Subway's "regular" selection, though maybe I'm wrong there. I will agree with you that not following national promotions at certain franchises is irritating, but hey at least you did get a couple free subs out of it.

  3. The perfect opportunity to try the Meatball Marinara with the new Garlic bread :P

  4. Yea. People without perfect grammer deserve to be ripped off on their purchases.

  5. I didn't say that, and he wasn't completely ripped off in my opinion. When he went to pay he had the option of saying "The sandwich isn't $5? I don't want it". He chose to pay more and then complained, which is his right. The corporation gave him free stuff to compensate for their franchise's mistake. It seems like a pretty standard situation.

    I also don't think people who don't spell perfectly deserve to be ripped off. I wish you the best of luck in not getting ripped off as much as possible, "name".

  6. Because I don't believe in waste. The sandwich would most likely have been thrown away and I don't believe that's something that needed to be done. Besides just like any place you go to they'll satisfy the customer which they did with the coupons.

  7. That's a good point, I didn't think of that. I've never worked in fast food, but from talking with friends and family who have, they'll often save untouched food people end up having a problem with for themselves.. but I bet that's not always the case too, so fair enough. The main reason I responded at all in the first place was mostly about the "premium subs" and avocado.. $5 footlongs are alright but Subway's probably never going to sell every sub they offer these days with anything on it for $5.. Hence them making sure to say it's only for "regular" subs. Beyond that I basically agree with you.

  8. Maybe true TJ but then the commercial shouldn't be singing "ANY ANY ANY" should it?

  9. I suppose not. I would say deceptive marketing is hardly unique to Subway though. I only like this promotion for one reason...the sub I like there (turkey and ham) is normally $6.25. So I save a buck and a quarter without having to find a coupon. I get that ads like that can be irritating sometimes though. That song is just grating anyway :)

  10. Franchises are individually owned and although most follow the National pricing and sales, not all do (ads usually say "at participating locations"). I would think you would be appreciative of the way the company tried to make good...when they didn't have to.


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