Jun 3, 2012

Comment! Nachos at Subway

U.K. Melted Cheese Nachos
Apparently, certain Subway restaurants are serving/testing(?) new Subway Nachos. The test appears to be isolated to Subway locations inside Walmart stores (please correct me if you've observed otherwise).

The dish is advertised as "Made with Doritos," so it's basically Doritos chips with nacho cheese and jalapenos (the jalapenos are optional).

One tweeter, who ordered it, stated that he had to grab a bag of Doritos off the shelf and hand it to the Subway server who squeezed some nacho cheese onto it. If that's the way they're doing it, my classmates back in elementary school used to go to 7-Eleven and pump nacho cheese into the 99 cent Grab bags (I'm dating myself here; I don't think they call them Grab bags anymore) of Doritos all the time.

It's not actually a new innovation (I'm using the term very loosely) for Subway though as they already serve Melted Cheese Nachos (pictured) in the U.K. That version actually takes a little more work, but does not feature Doritos chips. Instead, it's made with lightly-salted corn tortilla chips, melted Monterey cheese, and salsa, with jalapenos as an option.

The tweet-o-sphere seems to be split with some proclaiming the idea to be awesome, while others find it a bit too jarring with Subway's athlete-promoted healthy image. What do you guys think? Which would you rather want? Or would you go the route of my elementary school classmates and go with 7-Eleven Grab Bag Nachos (haha, I'd check with your 7-Eleven clerk first before trying it)?

It seems between the Walmart version (yes, that's what I'm calling it) and the U.K version, the U.K version seems to jive a little more with Subway's brand image since you get actual cheese and salsa.

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  1. I don't mind subway adding non-healthy items to their menu (love their cookies, miss their brownies). But they should be a little more creative!


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